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Hey Homeys!

I'm Alyssa. Mom of three, wife of Veteran & Pilot, and lover of all things "home". I love the feeling of home and the joy that comes with ours. I, like many others was on the hamster wheel of motherhood just trying to keep up with all the demands of these busy, busy modern days. I found myself constantly feeling overwhelmed and unfit. I was snappy, grumpy, & well.... not happy. I spent a lot of time turning my home and attitude around. After doing so, I founded my company Finding Home and spent my time in many homes helping others here in our hometown Las Vegas. After each job was finished, I was left wanting to coach these clients further & help them continue on their journey. It is my goal to not only help others here close to me but worldwide. There are so many of us in the same boat. You're not alone and I can help guide you every step of the way. I Found My Home and I am here to help you find yours!


Having a feeling of home; cozy and comfortable

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