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Pricing Guide

In-home Consultation $150

*Initial phone consultation is always free!

In our phone consultation we will talk basics, what you need help with, & if Finding Home is the right team for you. Visit my "Book a Consultation" page for a detailed step by step process from start to end.

Lead Organizer $90/hr 

Additional Organizer(if needed) $60/hr

*A 4 hour is minimum required for all projects

*All pricing quotes are an estimate. Each project is dependent upon several factors including speed at which client makes decisions, quantity of items, etc.

*Supplies are typically 30-50% of estimated total project cost but could be more or less depending on client preferences. Cost of supplies will be invoiced after project completion

*Offsite hours (shopping, planning, errands, etc) will be charged at $40/hr and billed upon project completion.

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